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Artist Spotlight:

Want to learn more about the bands playing at the 10th Annual Lake Hartwell Music Festival? You’ve come to the right place!

The Bennett Brothers

Kicking off this years Lake Hartwell Music Festival, and our artist spotlight series is an outstanding group of musicians who have spent their entire lives making music together and pouring into their passion.

The Bennett Brothers

The Bennett Brothers have declared their own version Country Music. Bringing the old styles of Classic Rock into their playing habits. This three-piece band is currently living out their dreams of performing music. Lead Singer, Auston Bennett, was born and raised in the small town of Piedmont SC where he began pursuing music at a young age. He continues to show off his powerful and amazing voice every weekend during their gigs. Lead Guitarist, Candler Bennett, developed a raw talent on the electric guitar and continues to impress crowds with his epic riffs. We call him “The Breeze”.Drummer, Cody Willis, was born in Seneca SC and has had the rhythm since the day he was born. He’s the most comfortable when he’s behind a set of drums and has a passion for putting on a show.

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Adjacent Hays

Adjacent Hays

Next in the lineup and in the Artist Spotlight series we have an amazingly talented Power Couple. Husband and wife duo ~ Kraig and Britt Hayhurst, make up the Adjacent Hays. Playing a variety of rock tunes either acoustically, or in a full band with bass player Greg Bishop and drummer Glen Dupree in the upstate of South Carolina.

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Brand New Relic

Brand New Relic

Brand New Relic is an incredibly talented, wildly fun, and surprisingly soulful classic rock band, with original (Brand New) music, written in the spirit of the groovy old (Relic) rock n roll and playing the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s covers that inspired their love for music and performance.

Senior lead Guitarist Wayne Bailey, casts sing-along, anthem riffs from his old Les Paul, like spells from a magic wand, while master guitarist and composer Jon Blues (Rojas), accents with the 3rd, or fifth part harmony to Waynes lead, or maybe inserts a Jazzy, improvised solo, or has a flat out, fret-smoking shred. All the while, the groove is laid down by what we believe is the best rhythm section in the state. Brandon Eaton (the shadow drummer) on the kit, and newest member and lord of the low end, Adam Baker on the bass guitar… and all of that is tied together by the smokey, soulful tones of their larger-than-life, front man, and extremely talented singer Pat Callaghan.

The true magic of this band, is that they don’t want you to watch what they do. They want you to go with them… where they go when they play…
They’re playing in the best local venues, and having been recently featured on The Rude Awakening with Christopher Rude, on FM 107.1 WJBB Radio… you must experience Brand New Relic

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Keven Mack

Keven Mack Music

Keven Mack is a native of Augusta, GA but is making a name for himself by performing all over Georgia and the Carolinas! He released his single “Voodoo” in 2020, with his full album “Sold My Soul” that October. Keven says his influences range from Chris Stapleton to David Grohl. His powerful, “gravelly” vocals have the clouds entertained and eager for more shows! True to his southern roots, but a rocker at heart, this unique act is one you won’t want to miss!

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Andrew Dixon

Andrew Dixon

Andrew Dixon is an up and coming country music artist that hails from the small town of Ila, Georgia. His love for country music is a product of a lifetime living out country songs. As Andrew goes through the process of writing and performing his music, he hopes that everything about his lifestyle and how he was raised will seep through into his songs. He has a deep desire to create good country music that not only he loves, but that you will love and identify with. Andrew hopes that you will continue to show your amazing love and support as He continues his journey of living out his dreams.

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3 and Twenty w/ Special Guest

3 and Twenty’s music transcends the limited boundaries of traditional and contemporary genres. It is Country Music at its highest evolutionary level that cross reverberates with a unique blend of Pop, R&B, Southern Rock, and Hip Hop. Combine their undying passion for songwriting with high energy, must see live show, and you have something that can’t be explained… it must be experienced. Founded by longtime bandmates and business partners, Adrian Lee and Butch Gibson, in January 2010 in a small home studio on a backwoods country road (Three and Twenty Road) in Easley, South Carolina. Lee and Gibson were hell-bent on writing real, heartfelt, music that embodies their life experiences while striving to create a sound that is new and fresh, yet familiar, but also different enough that you really can’t compare them to anybody. The real-life storylines and true musicianship are penetratingly relevant to all who hunger and thirst for honesty and realism in what 3 and Twenty believe matters most… the MUSIC. Beyond what is known as a “rags to riches” journey, 3 and Twenty’s pursuit of perfection in their music presents the listener with an insightful maturity combined with the simplicity of raw emotion, confidently delivered by two small-town seasoned music veterans that have spent over two decades perfecting their craft. Through years of persistent grassroots campaigns and direct support for national headliners, 3 and Twenty has become a regional and national touring powerhouse with a professional and hard-working reputation that garners the utmost respect from its fans, peers, agents, and venue owners. From national tours to writing with some of the best songwriters in Nashville over the past three years, 3 and Twenty are poised to make some serious noise in an industry that is craving authenticity and originality.

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We hope you will join us and support the Youth of Hart County!

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